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- Our founders had a rather simple idea: to make car rental really easy. And we've thrived because our clients like the way we work - We started in 2017. We were setting up 100 reservations per day. Today, we make more than 40,000 reservations per year in collaboration with more than 6,000 agencies in Morocco. Our exponential growth, our success, is based on the dynamism of our fantastic team - At asfrentcar. com, our obsession is to give you the freedom to discover more. We are willing to move mountains to find you the right car and provide you with an unforgettable rental experience, from start to finish. Here you can learn more about how we work
- We want to make renting a car as easy and familiar as if it were your own - Renting a car means freedom. . . and we are here to help you find the perfect vehicle at a price that defies all competition. But that's not all: we work to make renting a car a smooth, even unforgettable experience - We know that the service you receive matters most. That's why we use genuine customer reviews, publish their ratings of suppliers and pass on our expertise to guide you through your best options - We work with car rental companies all over Morocco - from big names to small local specialists - to bring you the vehicles, choices and offers that will make a difference to your trip. That changes everything!And we'll be with you every step of the way - Our customer service team is here to support you on your journey, wherever and whenever you need help
Making every rental experience a good memory is our motto We are brokers: we organize the car rental on your behalf. We use our massive buying power to book you the best deals. But we are much more than a booking site, and that's because we stay by your side every step of the way - Search for. . . You search on our site or our application the car you want - Compare. . . We show you the deals and reviews you need to help you choose.
- Make a reservation. . . You select the vehicle you like, add any extras you want - such as Full Protection (our additional coverage) or a child seat - and book.
- You're all set! We confirm your reservation with the rental company you have chosen, and reconfirm it to you - Pick up your car Don't forget to take the confirmation voucher (paper version or on your app), your credit card, driver's license and passport to pick up your car.
- Have a good trip! Hit the road and finally go on an adventure. . - Let our customer service take care of everything We are available 24/7 to help you - before, during and after your trip.

- In a few words, because we offer you the best value for money and allow you to leave with peace of mind - You benefit from all our experience - and the experience of millions of customers - in finding the car you need at the quality of service you demand. Always at the most advantageous rate. It's not just our opinion. . . Take a look at what our customers have to say about Asfrentcar. com.
- We pride ourselves on making online rental a service that makes it easy for you to choose your car.


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